An estimated 10 million people suffer with “TMJ” (tempromandibular joint).  Known by your dentist as TMD .  If your dentist or physician says, “you have TMJ”,   the clinical diagnosis is “you have TMD” or Tempromandibular  Joint Disorder.  This would equate to saying “you have knee” instead of you, “ having a problem with your knee”. 

TMD or TMJ dysfunction may have a specific cause or many causes, much like knee problems. The TMJ is like any other joint in the body that can be damaged by injury or overuse. A football player may injure his knee during a game or a basketball player could injure his/her TMJ  by “taking an elbow to the jaw”.  These injuries may present later in life as arthritic changes or problems  to the TMJ.  

A long distance runner may damage his/her knees from excessive use just as clenching/grinding at night may  cause TMJ problems by overuse.  Damage to your knee and  damage to your jaw joint may be non-reversible.  Damage to your TMJ  joint can be minimized by your dentist.

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